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The Kilmore West Tang So Do Club has been in Dublin Northside for the last 18 years. We are very proud of our reputation in the community. The club not only caters for the absolute beginner but also provides for the intermediate and advanced student who wishes to train an authentic Korean Martial Art. Pill Sung Tang So Do club is a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission which is affiliated to the International Martial Arts Association founded by 9th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Ki Yun Yi in 1974.
I welcome you to the our web site and look forward training with you and helping you on your own path of studying Tang Soo Do.

Master Paul McManus      


Kilmore West Community Centre
Cromcastle Road, Coolock, Dublin


Monday: 6pm - 7pm

Thursday: 5pm - 6pm & 6pm - 7pm


Phone Now: 087 9213 866

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Martial arts are a great form of exercise that works all major muscle groups. It’s a great way to get in shape and stay in shape! Training promotes fitness, coordination, strength and flexibility, which will benefit the student in all athletically pursuits. We live in stressful times and Tang Soo Do is an excellent way to...


We pride ourselves on ensuring consistency and technical accuracy in all areas throughout the federation. It is expected that our members strive to maintain the highest level of proficiency. We encourage quality achievements through consistent training and testing methods. This guarantees that future martial artist will ...


Thank you Master Nar for another great tournament.
Friday evening was a Black Belt grading chaired by Master S. Nar and 8 other masters. It was very tough gruelling 2hrs for them and family members watching. The commitment and determination of the students was evident. A personal mention...


Congratulations to Holly Byrne who in June 2016 achieved the rank of Cho Dan Bo.

Congratulations to Aine Roche, Robyn Lawlor, Katie Boyle, Kayla Hutch, Ellie Wilson who in September 2016 achieved the rank of Cho Dan Bo.

Well done to Black Belt Stephen Ryan who has worked outside of the club to get a position of a Stuntman in a Netflix TV programme called Into The BadLands. On a smaller note Master Paul McManus also got a small extras part as an Abbott in the same program Season 2.


"After years of practising Tang Soo Do and training with Master McManus, I’ve learnt that the I more give, the more I receive. Meaning that by applying myself in class, listening to the instructions given, pushing myself to my limits, gave me so much more in return than that I could have imagined, in terms of physical conditioning and mental preparation. My advice for anyone going into your first or twentieth class; listen to the instructions given, watch as the techniques are demonstrated and applied, and most of all apply yourself and learn how to better yourself."

Deividas Dvylaites

If you have any questions just send us an e-mail. We'll respond as soon as posibble.